11-November Glenburn Autumn Crescendo (Darjeeling)
11-November Glenburn Autumn Crescendo (Darjeeling)

11-November Glenburn Autumn Crescendo (Darjeeling)

Early November brings us Glenburn's Autumn Crescendo from select clonal fields. This autumn cup has a gentle copper glow, "mirroring the evening sun on the snows of Mount Kanchenjunga in the shadows of which it is made".  Full-bodied, mellow, with a delicate, flowery bouquet, yet undertones of malt and a long finish. Autumn Crescendo is aptly-named as the tea bushes give forth one grand finale to the harvest year and the taste "lingers like a beautiful symphony that carries you into the next season". 
Autumn Crescendo makes an excellent iced tea, as well, so stock up for summertime! 

Glenburn recommends preparing this tea with 2.5g* to 200ml (7 fl.oz.) water. Teacup yields & price-per-teacup are calculated on that basis. 
Your own yields may vary depending on whether you like more or fewer tea leaves to your water quantity for strength, or the size of your cups.  For example: *Don't have pocket gram scales in your kitchen? Think 1 teaspoon tea leaves per English teacup or increase to 2 teaspoons tea leaves per typical American coffee mug.  Obviously, if you go the route of the larger American coffee mug instead of the 7oz teacup, you won't get as many mugs of tea out of the container as we project for the 7oz teacup.
Glenburn Recommendations to Prepare
2.5 grams in 200 ml (7 fl-oz) water at 100°C (212°F) for 4-5 minutes
or: 1 tea spoon for 1 English tea cup or: 2 tea spoons per American coffee mug
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