Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free. Most Herbals are naturally caffeine-free. This means the ingredients never contained caffeine to begin with. Nota Bene: Chocolate does contain some caffeine, so if Rooibos or an Herbal has bits of actual chocolate in it, there will be a small amount of caffeine. If you need to watch your caffeine intake but you can handle eating chocolate, then an Herbal or Rooibos containing chocolate may be okay for you. If you need to avoid caffeine altogether, you must evaluate whether a chocolate-flavored Rooibos or Herbal is for you.
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Chamomile FlowersNothing more than Chamomile Flowers. caffeine-free
Cinna Chai RooibosWarming cinnamon chai Rooibos from Glenburn Estates in India. caffeine-free
Lemon Mint SootherLemon Mint SootherZesty lemon blended with soothing herbs clears the mind and calms the spirit. Serve hot or cold. Start your day, refresh mid-day, unwind as your day winds down.
Rooibos Chocolate MintThe richness of this beverage with the tantalizing aroma of chocolate and mint makes a superb dessert drink. Also makes a soothing winter warmer---a more healthy alternative to hot chocolate! Naturally caffeine-free. . . . Note: Enjoy while reading The Traveling Tea Ladies: Death In Dallas, along with the characters in the book!
Rooibos Mirabelle PlumRooibos Mirabelle PlumNaturally caffeine-free.  The fruit of the plum serves up tart and refreshing in this hot or iced beverage, packed with anti-oxidants and minerals.
Rooibos Original Red BushNaturally caffeine-free.  Rooibos or "red bush tea" is native to South Africa, naturally-sweet, soothing with lower tannin content than tea, and boasts anti-oxidants much like camellia sinensis. 
Rooibos ToffeeSweet notes in your cup, whatever time of day. 
Contains nuts, milk compounds. (hazelnuts, may contain traces of cashew nuts, pecans, pistachios and macadamia nuts) 

Spiced Cider RooibosSpiced Cider RooibosNaturally caffeine-free.  Warming brew of gentle spices, along with soft notes of cocoa and vanilla, will inspire thoughts of freshly-baked apples. 
Dessert Tea material!  Serving suggestion:  a dollop of whipped cream would not be amiss atop your cuppa! 
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