Dark Teas
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Black Currant Pu'erhBlack Currant Pu'erhDeep wine-like fruity flavors carry you along the currents of this smooth, full-bodied pu'erh or Dark Tea. 
Chocolate Pu'erh**Not Available at this time**  Drink your dessert with this divine blend of dark chocolate curls and pu'erh dark tea---in roomy pyramid sachets for convenient steeping! . . . We're not even waiting for finalized official packaging to share this new pyramid sachet flavor with you; click on the name or on "More info" to see special introductory pricing
Pu'erh Leaf OrganicPu'erh Leaf OrganicThe USDA Certified Organic leaf Pu'erh tea has the body and character of black tea but its the medicinal properties that are thought to be present that set it apart. In China this tasty tea has long been used as a powerful digestive aid and natural detoxifier. But even more remarkable is the suggested cholesterol lowering benefits that have been experienced by so many. (Caffeine)
Pu'erh Tuo ChaPu'erh tea compressed into little birds' nests or tuo chas. An ancient Chinese tea with a unique taste, grown in southern China's Yunnan province. Pu'erh holds up well for multiple infusions so that the same birds' nest can yield 2 or 3 cups. (Caffeine)
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