Oolong Teas
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10-October Glenburn Autumn Oolong (Darjeeling)10-October Glenburn Autumn Oolong (Darjeeling)**Not Available At This Time**  Each pouch contains 2oz (56g) of the marvelously huge leaves constituting this ultimate whole-leaf tea. At Glenburn's recommendation of 3-4g in 200ml (7 fl-oz) water, the pouch yields from 14.25 teacups (4g tea) at $1.80 per teacup to 19 teacups (3g tea) at $1.32 per teacup--if only one infusion is made. Keep in mind that oolongs stand up famously to multiple infusions of the same leaves, so you may get up to 4 times as many bright reddish cups of this lightly-oxidized Oolong (making 57 teacups (4g tea) at 44¢/teacup to 76 teacups (3g tea) at 33¢/teacup)!
Apricot OolongApricot OolongComplex oolong leaves fuse with apricot tones to form a light, sweet beverage which will elicit a sigh of pleasure. 
Tahitian Vanilla Rose OolongA soothing moment wafts from your cup, soft and light, green oolong redolent with the scent and flavor of delicate rose petals. 
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