Oolong Teas
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10-October Glenburn Autumn Oolong (Darjeeling)10-October Glenburn Autumn Oolong (Darjeeling)Each pouch contains 2oz (57g) of the marvelously huge leaves constituting this ultimate whole-leaf tea. At Glenburn's recommendation of 3-4g in 200ml (7 fl-oz) water, the pouch yields from 14.25 teacups (4g tea) at $1.80 per teacup to 19 teacups (3g tea) at $1.32 per teacup--if only one infusion is made. Keep in mind that oolongs stand up famously to multiple infusions of the same leaves, so you may get up to 4 times as many bright reddish cups of this lightly-oxidized Oolong (making 57 teacups (4g tea) at 44¢/teacup to 76 teacups (3g tea) at 33¢/teacup)
Apple Pie OolongApple Pie OolongLuxurious Formosa Oolong blends with luscious cinnamon and sweet apple for an exceptional Dessert Tea. Serving suggestion: a dollop of whipped cream atop your cuppa!
Apricot OolongApricot OolongComplex oolong leaves fuse with apricot tones to form a light, sweet beverage which will elicit a sigh of pleasure. 
Mauka Oolong Tea - origin: Volcano Village, HawaiiYou will definitely want to try multiple infusions of this Oolong to see if you can tease out the purported mild, tropical notes of green papaya, the fleeting hints of pine, evergreen, and honey in this enticing, flinty, crisp, smooth and cooling brew from Mike Riley of Volcano Mauna Loa Estates.
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