Tea Wallets
#HowDoYouTakeYourTea? Here, we don't mean #WithLemonOrMilk. We mean: how do you carry your favorite tea with you when you travel, or simply go out to eat?

These innovative Tea Wallets from Thistledown Cozies, the brainchild of Annelise Pitt, are made in New Hampshire of washable 100% cotton.

Each Tea Wallet provides you with slots for 6 t-sacs or pre-packaged tea bags, and 4 sweetener packets. You need only fold, fold, and snap together to neatly and securely hold your tea. No more baggies or tea (bags) wrapped in napkins! #TakeTheBestTeaWithYou.

NOTE: These lovelies are difficult to keep in stock. As a result, we try to keep an accurate post of how many are on-hand of each fabric pattern. If you see low or no quantity for the one(s) you want, DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT US TO ASK. If our restock order is not already on its way, and if Annelise has more of that wallet on-hand, herself, we can get it in to fill your order in just a few days.

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