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Glenburn Tea Estates includes their Darjeeling plantation with Boutique Hotel. KTeas is happy to bring you Glenburn Teas directly via their Drink Tea in Harmony with the Seasons program. KTeas participates in Glenburn's Pre-Order Bush To Door process, whereby we pre-order tea that has not even been plucked yet, so that when the Special Harvest is conducted, Glenburn processes the tea that KTeas pre-ordered and ships the tea directly to KTeas mere weeks after the tea was plucked from the bush in India! You can read more about Glenburn Tea Estate in the subsection, here, or by looking at Glenburn's own website for Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique Hotel.
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05-May Glenburn Second Flush Darjeeling Summer Leaf Tea FTGFOP105-May Glenburn Second Flush Darjeeling Summer Leaf Tea FTGFOP1Direct from the Glenburn Tea Estate, the Darjeeling plantation to be precise, KTeas brings you the Second Flush from the early summer months. Distinct from the First Flush, with an excellent flowery nose & mature flavor suggestive of musk and nuts. 
08-August Glenburn Monsoon FTGFOP (Darjeeling)08-August Glenburn Monsoon FTGFOP (Darjeeling)The late summer months (July to September) grace us with the Monsoon Darjeeling direct from Glenburn Estate. Try the rich amber cup that can stand up to a dash of milk which most other Darjeelings cannot!
09-September Glenburn Green Tea09-September Glenburn Green TeaThis monsoon-season harvest greets you with a surprisingly-sweet bright taste. Zesty undertones, smooth and buttery, . . . you might think you feel the antioxidants flowing into you with the light lemon-yellow beverage. This green tea will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated whether you drank it hot or chilled, perhaps with the merest touch of agave nectar.
10-October Glenburn Autumn Oolong (Darjeeling)10-October Glenburn Autumn Oolong (Darjeeling)**Not Available At This Time**  Each pouch contains 2oz (56g) of the marvelously huge leaves constituting this ultimate whole-leaf tea. At Glenburn's recommendation of 3-4g in 200ml (7 fl-oz) water, the pouch yields from 14.25 teacups (4g tea) at $1.80 per teacup to 19 teacups (3g tea) at $1.32 per teacup--if only one infusion is made. Keep in mind that oolongs stand up famously to multiple infusions of the same leaves, so you may get up to 4 times as many bright reddish cups of this lightly-oxidized Oolong (making 57 teacups (4g tea) at 44¢/teacup to 76 teacups (3g tea) at 33¢/teacup)!
11-November Glenburn Autumn Crescendo (Darjeeling)The tea bushes give forth a grand finale of the harvest season in Glenburn's Autumn Crescendo. Gentle copper glow, full-bodied, mellow, delicate and flowery bouquet yet undertones of malt, and a long finish. Autumn Crescendo carries you into the next season---and will make an excellent iced tea in the summer! 
Glenburn Breakfast Blend Pyramid Tea Bags English BreakfastGlenburn Breakfast Blend Pyramid Tea Bags English BreakfastCelebrating both the Champagne of Teas from the Indian Himalayas in Darjeeling and the rich, malty teas from teh Assam region of India in convenient spacious pyramid-shaped sachets. 
Glenburn Green Pyramid Tea BagsGlenburn Green Pyramid Tea BagsLeaf tea from the Indian Himalayas in spatious pyramid-shaped sachets conveniently bring you a this smooth and buttery, fresh and zesty take on the Champagne of Teas.  
1st place WTE 2014 Steamed Green Tea. 
Glenburn Pure Darjeeling Pyramid Tea BagsGlenburn Pure Darjeeling Pyramid Tea BagsLeaf tea from the Indian Himalayas in spacious pyramid-shaped sachets conveniently bring you a light, bright aromatic cup of the Champagne of Teas.
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