Muffin Mixes
Genius scone-mix creator, Debbie (and biscuit mix and shortbread mix), now brings us--and you--these delightful muffin mixes! Not too sweet, great for breakfast or snacks--or for Tea! You choose: each bag will make 18 muffins at 3" or 12 gourmet size muffins--or scads of mini-muffins!
You simply add butter, buttermilk or yogurt, and eggs---you can make substitutions for various ingredients as needed to make them more suitable for your dietary choices.
You choose: bake and freeze the muffins for later use, or freeze the batter (in the muffin tin, remove frozen batter & put in a bag) and bake.
You choose: either Classic Homestyle or Oatmeal mix.
You choose: prepare straight from the instructions, or use as a base from which to create any flavor you wish: blueberry, chocolate chip, date nut, streusel, lemon poppyseed, cranberry, pumpkin . . . you get the idea.
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Classic Homestyle Muffin MixClassic Homestyle Muffin MixPerfect on its own or the perfect base for your own creative baking adventures. These muffins are great as part of breakfast or as a snack on the run---and with your tea! 
Oatmeal Muffin MixOatmeal Muffin MixHearty oatmeal muffins. Make the mix as-is, or use this mix as a perfect starting place to make your favorite flavor of muffin!
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