Estate Teas - Morawaka - Ceylon/Sri Lanka
Morawaka Tea Estate, located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka---once known as Ceylon---in the Ruhuna tea-producing region, the only in Sri Lanka that touches the coast and thereby produces a distinctive flavor from perhaps all the other tea produced in Sri Lanka. Morawaka Tea Estate occupies 160 acres of lush, fertile land where once a rubber plantation existed. Mr. G. D. Jayasundara converted the plantation to tea around 1908, and the tea plantation has remained in the family, passed down through the generations, since then. . . . Devoted to producing Sri Lanka's best Low-Grown tea, presently, Sumedha Kulatunga and his wife Kumari, both of whom we have had the pleasure of meeting at the World Tea Expo, tend the plantation always committed to an environmentally and socially responsible workplace and product., providing more than 65 tons of finished tea per month. They endeavor steadily to progress toward complete environmental-friendliness, using compost in the fields, resorting to chemical fertilizers only when absolutely necessary and with increasing rarity. Morawaka's factory is in the process of being HACCP certified. . . . Morawaka works hand-in-hand with Healing Hands Women's Organization of Matara; Healing Hands has an office on the Estate. The partnership provides a school for underprivileged children in the area, a school for employees' children, and regularly-hosted medical camps and other social-service projects. Sumedha & Kumari are developing the Morawaka Tea Garden Lodge, as well, for the truly adventurous travelers who wish to explore a tea plantation and nearby environs.
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