Flavored teas
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Rooibos Golden PeachNaturally-caffeine-free Rooibos enhanced with the essence of golden peaches and marigold flowers for enticing flavor notes in a hot or iced beverage. (Caffeine-free)
Rooibos Strawberry HeartsGreen rooibos sports a little strawberry blush and a hint of vanilla to lovingly give you a naturally sweet healthy treat of a beverage---hot or iced! (Caffeine-free)
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Green TeaSencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Green Tea***only 1 remains*** ...  Cherry flavor with hints of rose in a light-colored liquor delight the senses.
Summer Currants**Temporarily Out of Stock** - 
Aromatic black tea, wonderful to wake up to in the morning or as an afternoon treat. Bold and sweet, yet subtle with raisin-like undertones from the dried currants. (Caffeine)
White Tea Acai BlueberryYour mouth will burst with tart, fruity, refreshing flavor when you experience this lush tea: Young green leaves, so large and fluffy that only half the normal quantity fits into the tins of loose leaf tea, accompanied by acai berry and blueberry. Imagine this one over ice! (Caffeine) Available in Pyramid Sachets for the convenience of the tea bag with the quality of loose leaf expanding in hot water!
White Tea Creamy CacaoLarge, fluffy leaves of white tea, the result of special plucking of select leaves at a younger age than other teas & non-oxidized, that allow only half the normal amount to fit in the container and have been said to look, when prepared, similar to white wine with a pale gold coloring, combined with organic cacao shell to melt your heart in the most delightful way. (Caffeine)
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