ChaCult Teamaker
ChaCult Teamaker

ChaCult Teamaker

**Not Available at this time**  Preapring your favorite loose tea with the ChaCult Teamaker is a breeze. Simply remove the filter and place the desired amount of tea in the filter, replace the filter in the teamaker. Pour hot water (boiling or less-than, depending on type of tea) into teapot until it covers top of the filter, and close the lid. Steep for the desired time. Finally, push the lever on the lid of the teamaker, and the filter automatically floats upwards, removing the tea leaves from your beverage!

Fine, taste-free, stainless steel mesh.
High-grade, heat resistant plastic.
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
Will make about 2 cups (6-7fl.oz. teacups) of tea.
Approximate capacity: 14fl.oz. / 0.4L
Will make approximately two 6-7fl.oz. teacups of tea
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