08-August Glenburn Monsoon FTGFOP (Darjeeling)
08-August Glenburn Monsoon FTGFOP (Darjeeling)

08-August Glenburn Monsoon FTGFOP (Darjeeling)

08-August Glenburn Monsoon FTGFOP (Darjeeling)
3.5oz tin of 2010 harvest Glenburn Monsoon
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KTeas presents to you a different sort of Darjeeling, this one produced in the late summer months: July to September. Glenburn Estate is in full production, the weather conditions are perfect, and the monsoon harvest is plucked from select fields containing the clonal plants that give Glenburn tea its very own unique character. You will find a rich amber cup characterizes the Monsoon tea---and such a pleasant surprise: unlike most Darjeeling teas from elsewhen in the growing season, the Monsoon Darjeeling will stand up to and be complimented by a dash of milk!


Glenburn recommends preparing this tea with 2.5g* to 200ml (7 fl.oz.) water. Teacup yields & price-per-teacup are calculated on that basis. 
Your own yields may vary depending on whether you like more or fewer tea leaves to your water quantity for strength, or the size of your cups.  For example: *Don't have pocket gram scales in your kitchen? Think 1 teaspoon tea leaves per English teacup or increase to 2 teaspoons tea leaves per typical American coffee mug.  Obviously, if you go the route of the larger American coffee mug instead of the 7oz teacup, you won't get as many mugs of tea out of the container as we project for the 7oz teacup. 

Glenburn recommendations to prepare:
2.5 grams in 200 ml (7 fl-oz) water at 100°C (212°F) for 4-5 minutes.
or: 1 tea spoon for 1 English tea cup or: 2 tea spoons per American coffee mug
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