Makai Black Tea - origin: Hakalau, Hawaii
Makai Black Tea - origin: Hakalau, Hawaii

Makai Black Tea - origin: Hakalau, Hawaii

Single-Estate tea: Hakalau - Farm Collective
Not Available At This Time -    Each sip of this black tea from tea growers John and Kathryn Cross reveals new dimensions in the flavor profile. The terroir of Hawaii imbues these high-quality leaves with a clean, smooth, refined flavor profile in which you will likely find no astringency nor bitterness. Some of the growers' descriptors serve best:  Crystalline amber infusion. Thin, crisp body. Delicate notes of caramel, varley malt, and rice syrup. Slight taste of roasted sweet potato.
Tea Hawaii & Company's recommendations:
3 grams tea leaves (1 teaspoon) per serving. 208°F water. 3 minutes.
May increase steeping time 1 minute per subsequent steeping. (But KTeas says not necessary!)
Features .
6g bag yields 8 cups at 3g tea per cup & 12g bag yields 16 cups at 3g tea per cup
because you can infuse the same leaves up to 4 times with no loss of flavor!
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