Morawaka Ceylon FBOP
Morawaka Ceylon FBOP

Morawaka Ceylon FBOP

Fresh from the Grower!
Morawaka Ceylon FBOP
cardboard box in which tea is packed in Alufoil bags, sealed, then box wrapped in polythene to conserve freshness of tea; capacity vaires with size of leaf.miniature version of paper sack in which most export teas are packed; capacity varies w/size of leaf.
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**Not Available at this time** 
This Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe consists of semi-leafy pieces with some tips. You may notice a more mellow liquor with a mild, fresh flavor, an inviting bouquet to your cup, and a finish that lingers attractively. The box contains 4.9oz or 139g of these larger pieces, yielding about 46 cups at 22¢ per cup.

Note: "Flowery" does not connote flowers in the tea. Grading of teas refers strictly to appearance: size and shape; grades do not refer to taste, smell, or quality (except for Taiwan, which does grade also by these things, and has many more grades than most other countries). While there is no universal standard for grading teas, stemming from long ago when isolated tea gardens each developed their own grading standards, in general the term "Flowery" tends to connote a slightly broader leaf, more open, than a simply OP leaf, and which has a crimped appearance that reminds one of a crushed flower petal. "Flowery" may also come from an era when it was believed the "bud" in the expression "two leaves and a bud", the most common configuration in which tea is plucked, came from the tea plant's flower, before it was understood that the "bud" is actually a leaf that has not unfurled yet. And so, "Flowery" may have started out meaning what is now called "tippy".

Preparation guidelines:
3g or 1 teaspoon tea leaves to 8oz boiling water.
Steep 3-5 minutes, to taste. If desired, add sweetener & milk to taste.
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