Morawaka Ceylon Pekoe-1
Morawaka Ceylon Pekoe-1

Morawaka Ceylon Pekoe-1

Fresh from the Grower!
Morawaka Ceylon Pekoe-1
cardboard box in which tea is packed in Alufoil bags, sealed, then box wrapped in polythene to conserve freshness of tea; capacity vaires with size of leaf.miniature version of paper sack in which most export teas are packed; capacity varies w/size of leaf.
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**Not Available at this time** 
Curly, leafy tea of a slightly smaller size (hence the "1") produce a good, basic cup of tea that has a light liquor, a delicate taste, and a pleasantly memorable finish. The size of these curly leaves permits 4.6oz (130.5grams) to fit in the box, which yields roughly 43 cups at 21¢ per cup.
Product guidelines:
3g or 1 teaspoon tea leaves to 8oz boiling water.
Steep 3-5 minutes, to taste. If desired, add sweetener & milk to taste.
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