Original Oatmeal Biscuit Mix
Original Oatmeal Biscuit Mix

Original Oatmeal Biscuit Mix

NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Please check back or email inquiry to KTeasOnline@gmail.com to learn when we resume getting in these delectable mixes!
**Limited Quantity on-hand**  Place your order & please allow 5-10 business days while we order in fresh mixes for you!
  -  Has all the versatility of the Original Recipe Biscuit Mix with the more hearty, filling characteristics of the Oatmeal Scone Mix. Enjoy the same savory variations on the Oatmeal Biscuit Mix as you might with the Original Recipe and accompanying the same meals. Perhaps even more appropriate for breakfast, imagine the Oatmeal Biscuit hot and drizzled with honey . . . (are you drooling yet?).
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