Traditional Ti Kuan Yin Green Oolong
Traditional Ti Kuan Yin Green Oolong

Traditional Ti Kuan Yin Green Oolong

**Not Available at this time**  -  A Chinese green oolong created in the older, traditional manner of a longer oxidation (vs the more-common modern-day tendency to fashion this oolong after the less-oxidized oolongs of Taiwan [Formosa]), this Traditional Ti Kuan Yin has its own unique character as an oolong. Not better than the more golden darker oxidized oolongs, simply different so that it stands on its own.

Ingreidents: Chinese green oolong.
Preparation Guidelines
Do not boil the water, or if boiled, allow to cool to 180-190 degrees F.
3g (1 heaping teaspoon) oolong leaves per 8oz heated water.
Allow to steep for 4 minutes, or to taste. Remove leaves to drink & set aside for re-use.
Add sweetener and milk only to taste.
Features .
Oolong tea holds up well to re-using the same leaves multiple times.
Follow preparation guidelines to heat water & add heated water to the same leaves.
Steep 4 minutes again or adjust steep time as you discover your own preferences.
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