White Tea Acai Blueberry
White Tea Acai Blueberry

White Tea Acai Blueberry

**Not Available at this time**  Young green leaves with white buds blend with tart, fruity and refreshing acai berries plus a pronounced blueberry flavor! Makes a great iced tea!
The fluffiness of the tea means that only about half the normal quantity fits into the container.

Ingredients: green tea with white buds, acai berry, blueberry, and rose petals.

Packaging: Loose white tea. Available also in 1.06oz. tin containing 15 Pyramid Sachets: larger “tea bags” designed to allow the leaves to expand and give forth fuller flavor even though confined in the neater, more convenient teabag. . . . Think how much easier iced tea would be when making your tea with Pyramid Sachets!
Preparation Guidelines
Do not boil water, you may damage or scorch the more delicate leaves.
Bring water to (or allow boiled water to cool to) 158°F / 70°C.
3g (2 heaping teaspoons due to large tea leaves) per 8oz heated water.
Allow to steep as little as 2 minutes up to 6 mins, or to taste. Remove leaves. Drink.
Add sweetener and milk only to taste! So delicate, you may not wish to add
anything to the "liquor"!
In the case of Pyramid Sachets (made of food-safe inert nylon): 1 sachet
per 8oz heated water. Allow to steep 2-6 mins, to taste.
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