The Traveling Tea Ladies: Death in the Low Country

The Traveling Tea Ladies: Death in the Low Country

Charlie's Angels meet Steel Magnolias!
The Traveling Tea Ladies: Death in the Low Country
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"Cozy mystery fans sit back and enjoy the third installment in The Traveling Tea Ladies series. Strong women, strong southern friendships and strong tea are steeped in this mystery best described as Charlie's Angels Meets Steel Magnolias." --from the back cover.

Former tea room owner, Amelia Spencer, and her pals and partners-in-crime (so to speak): the Traveling Tea Ladies, travel to Savannah, GA, for the Savannah Fancy Foods Show where Amelia will try to dazzle the judges with recipes using tea as an ingredient.  Things go downhill when they encounter another competitor: Dolly Jean, who seems to have patterned herself after Dolly Parton and claims to be the next Paula Deen.  It's clear that Dolly Jean will do anything to win and get herself and her television program to the top, including sabotaging Amelia's first demonstration before the judges.  Things go even further downhill afterward when, during her own demonstration, eating her own recipe, Dolly Jean dies right there on the stage.  It quickly becomes apparent that the Traveling Tea Ladies need to unravel the clues and find the culprit before they are targeted next!

Melanie mentions several teas in the book, and we are going to try to identify all the KTeas incarnations of those teas, so look for mention of The Traveling Tea Ladies in product descriptions!

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