White Tea Creamy Cacao
White Tea Creamy Cacao

White Tea Creamy Cacao

**Not Available at this time**  -  White tea is very special: plucked at a much younger age than other teas, frequently only select leaves so that it leaves from a greater quantity of plants are required to make a pound of tea, and the leaves are delicately treated, giving it a sweet, smooth flavor & high quality, and a fluffiness to the leaf that causes only half the usual quantity to fit in the container. When prepared, the appearance of white tea might be compared to that of white wine: pale gold in color. This white tea is blended wtih organic cacao shell, producing a soft, subtle, sublime beverage to melt your heart whether hot or cold.
Preparation Guidelines
Do not boil water; you may damage or scorch white tea's leaves.
Bring water to (or allow boiled water to cool to) 158°F / 70°C.
3 g (2 heaping teaspoons due to large tea leaves) per 8oz heated water.
Allow to steep as little as 2 minutes up to 6 mins, or to taste. Remove leaves; drink.
Add sweetener and milk only to taste! White tea is so delicate, you may not
wish to add anything to the "liquor".
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