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Original Oatmeal Scone MixOriginal Oatmeal Scone MixOriginal Oatmeal Scone Mix makes a terrific breakfast scone. Mix comes with the dark brown and white sugar, you add only the usual chilled butter and buttermilk. But don't stop with breakfast. You can use Original Oatmeal Scone Mix as a base the same as Original Recipe. Make great snacks and desserts.
Original Recipe Scone MixOriginal Recipe Scone MixBasic and versatile---but never plain. Use the Original Recipe Scone Mix as a base for so many varieties we can't even name them all: currants, cinnamon, blueberries, cranberries . . . Bake as-is, topped with cinnamon sugar. Top after baked with butter or jam. Use as shortcake with in-season fruits like strawberries or peaches. Just enjoy!
Passion Fruit Black TeaThe islands seem at hand as you sip this black tea with papaya pieces, sunflower blossoms, and pineapple. (Caffeine)
Pu'erh Leaf OrganicPu'erh Leaf OrganicThe USDA Certified Organic leaf Pu'erh tea has the body and character of black tea but its the medicinal properties that are thought to be present that set it apart. In China this tasty tea has long been used as a powerful digestive aid and natural detoxifier. But even more remarkable is the suggested cholesterol lowering benefits that have been experienced by so many. (Caffeine)
Pu'erh Tuo ChaPu'erh tea compressed into little birds' nests or tuo chas. An ancient Chinese tea with a unique taste, grown in southern China's Yunnan province. Pu'erh holds up well for multiple infusions so that the same birds' nest can yield 2 or 3 cups. (Caffeine)
Pumpkin Spice Scones MixPumpkin Spice Scones MixPumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies . . . and now: pumpkin scones. This perennial favorite is available year 'round, even if it does make you think of cold autumn days and mugs of hot cider!
RAFFLES Collection Porcelain Tea Cup & Saucer SetRAFFLES Collection Porcelain Tea Cup & Saucer SetSimple style and elegance blend with function and economy in this white porcelain cup & saucer set from the RAFFLES Collection.
RAFFLES Collection Porcelain Teapot (2-cup or 4-cup)RAFFLES Collection Porcelain Teapot (2-cup or 4-cup)***Temporarily Out of Stock, both 2-cup and 4-cup***
Elegant style blends with function and economy in this white porcelain teapot from the RAFFLES Collection. Available in 2-cup size and 4-cup size.
Raspberry Ceylon***TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK***
- Simply delightful blend of black teas from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and raspberry flavor. This subtle taste is excellent hot or iced. (Caffeine) ... Note: Enjoy while reading The Traveling Tea Ladies: Death In Dallas, along with the characters in the book!
Rooibos Chocolate MintThe richness of this beverage with the tantalizing aroma of chocolate and mint makes a superb dessert drink. Also makes a soothing winter warmer---a more healthy alternative to hot chocolate! Naturally caffeine-free. . . . Note: Enjoy while reading The Traveling Tea Ladies: Death In Dallas, along with the characters in the book!
Rooibos Golden PeachNaturally-caffeine-free Rooibos enhanced with the essence of golden peaches and marigold flowers for enticing flavor notes in a hot or iced beverage. (Caffeine-free)
Rooibos Mirabelle PlumRooibos Mirabelle Plum***TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK***
   Naturally caffeine-free.  The fruit of the plum serves up tart and refreshing in this hot or iced beverage, packed with anti-oxidants and minerals.
Rooibos Original Red BushNaturally caffeine-free.  Rooibos or "red bush tea" is native to South Africa, naturally-sweet, soothing with lower tannin content than tea, and boasts anti-oxidants much like camellia sinensis. 
Rooibos Strawberry HeartsGreen rooibos sports a little strawberry blush and a hint of vanilla to lovingly give you a naturally sweet healthy treat of a beverage---hot or iced! (Caffeine-free)
Russian Caravan Black TeaEnjoy a little history with this smoky-noted tea with its roots in the transcontinetal tea trade between China and Russia when the tea was transported on camels and horses over six months and absorbed some of the nightly campfires' smoke scent during transit. 
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Green TeaSencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Green Tea***only 1 remains*** ...  Cherry flavor with hints of rose in a light-colored liquor delight the senses.
Southern Style Biscuit MixSouthern Style Biscuit Mix***TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK***
  Made with less sugar than the Original Recipe Scone Mix, great for more savory uses: to accompany soups and stews for example. Great for adding things to the mix like bacon, cheeses, dried herb mix ... use your imagination! Bake plain for breakfast, serve with gravy---or drizzle with honey.
Summer Currants**Temporarily Out of Stock** - 
Aromatic black tea, wonderful to wake up to in the morning or as an afternoon treat. Bold and sweet, yet subtle with raisin-like undertones from the dried currants. (Caffeine)
Sunny Disposition Herbal(formerly known as Detoxify Me)  Feel inside as if the warm sun is refreshing and cleansing your spirit with this tasty blend of fruits and herbs. Excellent hot or cold.
t-sacĀ® 1 Cup Teaspoon scoopt-sacĀ® 1 Cup Teaspoon scoop1 tiny scoop = 1 perfect cuppa. Angled scoop helps to measure just the right amount of loose tea, the angular leading edge helps to open a make-your-own teabag for filling.
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