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Glenburn Pure Darjeeling Pyramid Tea BagsGlenburn Pure Darjeeling Pyramid Tea BagsLeaf tea from the Indian Himalayas in spacious pyramid-shaped sachets conveniently bring you a light, bright aromatic cup of the Champagne of Teas.
Glenburn Vintage Earl Grey Pyramid Tea BagsGlenburn Vintage Earl Grey Pyramid Tea BagsLeaf tea from the Assam region of India with a whiff of bergamot oil in convenient spacious pyramid-shaped sachets.
Golden Monkey organicGolden Monkey organic***TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK***
   The unique character and lingering finish is intoxicating. An exquisite USDA Certified Organic golden, black tea from southern China's Yunnan province, the beautiful, gold twisted leaves are almost as lovely to look at as to taste.Don't mistake this for lower grade teas of this type. This is a premium grade golden monkey that is not to be missed! (Caffeine) Sold in 28g tin (1 oz).
Green MintGunpowder green tea and a hint of mint: refreshing! Makes a great iced tea. (Caffeine) -- Available in Pyramid Sachets for the convenience of the tea bag with the quality of loose leaf expanding in hot water!
Heart Dipper infuserHeart Dipper infuserCute cutout in the shape of a heart tops the handle of this 18/8 stainless steel (won't affect taste) infuser good for a cuppa or a small teapot.
Heart Throb Push-Button Tea StrainerHeart Throb Push-Button Tea StrainerEase of use due to push-button handle, double-duty wand serves as a milk & sugar stirrer, easy care: just rinse with hot water, 18/8 stainless steel won't affect taste ... all make this a sweetheart of a tea strainer!
HELIOS Collection Porcelain 2-cup TeapotHELIOS Collection Porcelain 2-cup TeapotSimple style blends with function and economy in this clean, white porcelain 2-cup teapot from the HELIOS Collection.
HELIOS Collection Porcelain Tea Cup & Saucer SetHELIOS Collection Porcelain Tea Cup & Saucer SetSimple style blends with function and economy in this clean, white porcelain cup & saucer set from the HELIOS Collection.
Indian Chai Scones MixIndian Chai Scones MixA collaboration between Debbie, creator of our scone mixes, and Danielle, another Tea Lady, brought about this delectably tasteful collaboration of scone mix with actual black tea and Indian chai spices. The scone by itself is wondrous, but try the shortcake idea from Original Recipe and have an Indian Chai scone with peaches or strawberries . . .
Indian Chai Shortbread MixBrown-sugar-based. Including the same black tea and chai spicing that you found in the Indian Chai Scone Mix. Your adding the vanilla to the dough when you make up this mix just takes the flavor profile over-the-top! 
Jasmine Leaf Green TeaJasmine Leaf Green TeaA sweet, aromatic Chinese Green Tea traditionally scented with Jasmine petals. Light and smooth, this brew has been enjoyed for centuries and continues to be a favorite. (Caffeine) ... Note: Enjoy while reading The Traveling Tea Ladies: Death In Dallas, along with the characters in the book!
Jasmine Leaf Green Tea Pyramid SachetsChinese green tea scented traditionally with jasmine petals---in roomy pyramid sachets for convenient steeping! . . . We're not even waiting for finalized official packaging to share this new pyramid sachet flavor with you; click on the name or on "More info" to see special introductory pricing
Keemun Black TeaBlack tea from Quimen in Anhui Province of China. Long recognized as a great tea of the world, it has a natural sweetness with an aroma to the dry leaf that is enhanced once steeped to produce an intensely bold cup. 
Khongea Assam Earl Grey***TEMPORARILY Out Of Stock***   Start your day with the distinctive assam leaves brought to you from Glenburn Estate's Khongea Plantation in Brahmaputra River Valley in Assam, India, and lovely fragrant Bergamot oil!
Khongea Ginger Hibiscus Assam Leaf TeaGinger.  Hibiscus.  Assam leaves from Glenburn Estate's Khongea Plantation in Brahmaputra River Valley in Assam, India. Aaaaah.
Khongea Masala Chai Assam CTC-BOP(Temporarily Out of Stock)  Smile about CTC for this Masala Chai-spiced black tea!: Top-quality Second-Flush Assam tea leaves from the Glenburn Estate's Khongea Plantation in the Brahmaputra River Valley in Assam, India go into this Cut-Tear-Curl tea blended with luscious spices the likes of ginger, black pepper, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods ... well, this melange is just lovely.
Kilauea Forest White Tea - origin: Volcano Village, HawaiiTea growers Chiu Leong and Eva Lee grow this tea in the rainforest of Kilauea Volcano in the shade provided by a canopy of native Ohia trees and Hapu'u ferms. The rich golden infusion has a flavor sweet and floral, comforting as you almost hear the song of the Hawaiian Apapani songbird that helped to nurture the growing tea. Truly an experience like no other.
Le Palais Tea Cup & SaucerLe Palais Tea Cup & SaucerCeramic cups and saucers made by Old Amsterdam, a trusted supplier with a great track record of social and environmental responsibility. Colored using lead-free glaze. (Exception: red, which we don’t carry right now.) Capacity: 6 oz. (177.441 ml)
Lemon Ginger Shortbread MixLemon: cool and crisp. Ginger: a little zing in the after-taste. Still brown-sugar based. Make sure you make up plenty of these, you're going to have a hard time keeping these around! 
Lemon Mint SootherLemon Mint SootherVibrant green leaves infuse into a golden clear, naturally caffeine-free brew. Soothing papaya and vibrant mints are expertly blended with various “lemon” herbs to create this calming brew. So: upset tummy or not, settle in for a scrumptious, soothing cup. Serve hot or cold. Sold in 28g (1.0oz) tin
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