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RAFFLES Collection Porcelain Tea Cup & Saucer SetRAFFLES Collection Porcelain Tea Cup & Saucer SetSimple style and elegance blend with function and economy in this white porcelain cup & saucer set from the RAFFLES Collection.
RAFFLES Collection Porcelain Teapot (2-cup or 4-cup)RAFFLES Collection Porcelain Teapot (2-cup or 4-cup)***Temporarily Out of Stock, both 2-cup and 4-cup***
Elegant style blends with function and economy in this white porcelain teapot from the RAFFLES Collection. Available in 2-cup size and 4-cup size.
Rooibos Chocolate MintThe richness of this beverage with the tantalizing aroma of chocolate and mint makes a superb dessert drink. Also makes a soothing winter warmer---a more healthy alternative to hot chocolate! Naturally caffeine-free. . . . Note: Enjoy while reading The Traveling Tea Ladies: Death In Dallas, along with the characters in the book!
Rooibos Mirabelle PlumRooibos Mirabelle PlumNaturally caffeine-free.  The fruit of the plum serves up tart and refreshing in this hot or iced beverage, packed with anti-oxidants and minerals.
Rooibos Original Red BushNaturally caffeine-free.  Rooibos or "red bush tea" is native to South Africa, naturally-sweet, soothing with lower tannin content than tea, and boasts anti-oxidants much like camellia sinensis. 
Rooibos ToffeeSweet notes in your cup, whatever time of day. 
Contains nuts, milk compounds. (hazelnuts, may contain traces of cashew nuts, pecans, pistachios and macadamia nuts) 

Southern Style Biscuit MixSouthern Style Biscuit MixNOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Please check back or email inquiry to to learn when we resume getting in these delectable mixes!
**Limited Quantity on-hand**  Place your order & please allow 5-10 business days while we order in fresh mixes for you!
  Made with less sugar than the Original Recipe Scone Mix, great for more savory uses: to accompany soups and stews for example. Great for adding things to the mix like bacon, cheeses, dried herb mix ... use your imagination! Bake plain for breakfast, serve with gravy---or drizzle with honey.
Spiced Cider RooibosSpiced Cider RooibosNaturally caffeine-free.  Warming brew of gentle spices, along with soft notes of cocoa and vanilla, will inspire thoughts of freshly-baked apples. 
Dessert Tea material!  Serving suggestion:  a dollop of whipped cream would not be amiss atop your cuppa! 
t-sacĀ® 1 Cup Teaspoon scoopt-sacĀ® 1 Cup Teaspoon scoop1 tiny scoop = 1 perfect cuppa. Angled scoop helps to measure just the right amount of loose tea, the angular leading edge helps to open a make-your-own teabag for filling.
Tahitian Vanilla Rose OolongA soothing moment wafts from your cup, soft and light, green oolong redolent with the scent and flavor of delicate rose petals. 
Tea Bag Holder - Enameled SteelTea Bag Holder - Enameled SteelTea bag holder to contain the mess of personal tea bags, pyramid sachets, traditional teabags, and single-cup teaballs or infusers, when removed from the cup at the end of steep time. Available in 5 colors of enameled steel.
Tea Lotion Black CurrantTea Lotion Black CurrantTea-infused lotion handcrafted by Simply Divine Darling! exclusively for KTeas using our own Black Tea Black Currant
Tea Lotion Orange SpiceTea Lotion Orange SpiceTea-infused lotion handcrafted by Simply Divine Darling! exclusively for KTeas using our own Black Tea Orange Spice
Tea Lotion Serenity WaltzTea Lotion Serenity WaltzTea-infused lotion handcrafted by Simply Divine Darling! exclusively for KTeas using our black tea Signature Blend: Serenity Waltz
The Pyramid Tea InfuserThe Pyramid Tea InfuserPyramid shaped tea infuser for making loose tea by the cup. Made with 18/8 stainless steel.
The Traveling Tea Ladies: Death in the Low CountryThe Traveling Tea Ladies: Death in the Low CountryThe Savannah Foods Show in Savannah, GA, is the setting of this latest Traveling Tea Ladies adventure. Cut-throat competition for the coveted blue ribbon, sabotage, and murder spice up the offerings in this delightful romp with our favorite tea ladies! Make a pot of your favorite tea and settle back to read!
The Traveling Tea Ladies: Till Death Do Us PartThe Traveling Tea Ladies: Till Death Do Us PartOlivia longs for a simple ranch-themed wedding to marry Detective Matt Lincoln, but event planner Dixie Beauregard turns it into a 3-ring circus. Add Olivia's colorful family coming to town, and Olivia is ready to elope. But Dixie Beauregard is murdered, and all signs point to Olivia's mother! The Ladies must do what they do (besides drink tea!) and find the real murderer to clear Ruby's name. Make a pot of your favorite tea and settle back to read!
Winter Blend Black TeaYou can enjoy this aromatic blend year 'round. Cardamom, spices, and orange mellow sharp Youlu tea, nicely warming in the winter months.
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