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Makai Black Tea - origin: Hakalau, HawaiiEach sip warms and refreshes. Try it and see if you can distinguish notes of caramel, or barley malt, or rice syrup, or how about sweet potato. Tea growers John and Kathryn Cross want to know: Do you taste something else in this crystaline amber infusion?--Oh, and when they say you can infuse the leaves up to 4 times, you can! We've tried it ourselves, and the quality of flavor persists as well as any oolong, even though this is a black tea!
Mauka Oolong Tea - origin: Volcano Village, HawaiiYou will definitely want to try multiple infusions of this Oolong to see if you can tease out the purported mild, tropical notes of green papaya, the fleeting hints of pine, evergreen, and honey in this enticing, flinty, crisp, smooth and cooling brew from Mike Riley of Volcano Mauna Loa Estates.
Mesh Heart Tea InfuserMesh Heart Tea InfuserAdorable little heart-shaped mesh infuser, or "tea ball", on a short chain, for steeping that perfect cuppa directly in your cup.
Mesh Tea Ball with fobMesh Tea Ball with fobSheffield Mesh Tea Ball: 18/8 stainless steel 2-inch diameter tea ball. Good size for a single cuppa---also a good Freinds size: will allow enough tea for two cups to expand while steeping. Available with various decorative fobs.
Morawaka Ceylon BOP-1Morawaka Ceylon BOP-1**Not Available at this time**
Possibly the quintessential Ceylon tea, this Broken Orange Pekoe-1 is Ruhuna in a cup: benchmark Ceylon color with beautifully balanced, bright, crisp taste. KTeas is pleased to bring this tea from the Morawaka Estate to your cup---about 50 cups, in fact, from this 5.3oz (150g) box, at 21¢ per cup.
Morawaka Ceylon BOPF Teabags**Not Available at this time**  Teabags filled with prime quality Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings, the tea harvested in February, the first-flush of the Ceylon low country, and the teabags manufactured the same month. KTeas is pleased to bring you, for your convenience, straight from the Morawaka Tea Plantation, this box of 25 teabags from which you will enjoy 25 cups of tea at 25¢ per cup.
Morawaka Ceylon FBOPMorawaka Ceylon FBOP**Not Available at this time**    Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe means larger pieces, though still broken, which in turn means semi-leafy with some tippyness. KTeas is pleased to bring to you this mellow cup with a pleasant lingering finish direct from the Morawaka Estate in the Ruhuna tea growing region of Sri Lanka. About 46 cups, in fact, in the 4.9oz (139g) box, at 22¢ per cup.
Morawaka Ceylon FBOPFMorawaka Ceylon FBOPF**Not Available at this time**  Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings from the Ruhuna tea growing region of Ceylon, or Sri Lanka, where the Morawaka Estate produces the finest low-grown Ceylon teas. KTeas is pleased to bring this fine Ceylon Low-Country tea direct to your teacup. . . . At 3g (1 teaspoon) tea leaves to 8oz boiling water, this 6.0oz (170g) box of Morawaka FBOPF yields about 56 cups of tea at 17¢ per cup!
Morawaka Ceylon FBOPF-1Morawaka Ceylon FBOPF-1**Not Available at this time** 
Slightly fewer tips with the leaves in this Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings-1. Morawaka Tea Estate, located in the Ruhuna tea growing region of Sri Lanka, offers the finest low-grown Ceylon teas and KTeas is happy to bring them to your cup. A 6oz (170g) box of FBOPF-1 yields about 56 cups at 20¢ per cup.
Morawaka Ceylon OP-1**Not Available at this time** 
Orange Pekoe-1 leaves appear longer, thinner, more wiry. KTeas invites you to savor the pale liquor and the delicate taste and delightfully memorable finish of this Low-Country Ruhuna Ceylon tea brought to your teacup directly from the Morawaka Estate in Sri Lanka. 4.2oz (119g) of these long, wiry leaves fill a box, yielding about 40 cups of this low-grown brew at 23¢ per cup.
Morawaka Ceylon Pekoe-1Morawaka Ceylon Pekoe-1**Not Available at this time**  This Pekoe-1 grade consists of curly, leafy tea, the "1" indicating slightly smaller size than usual Pekoe grade. KTeas is happy to nearly pour this delicate tasting light liquor directly from the Morawaka Estate in the Ruhuna tea growing region of Sri Lanka into your cup. The 4.6oz (130g) box yields about 43 cups 21¢ per cup.
Oatmeal Muffin MixOatmeal Muffin Mix**Limited Quantity on-hand**  Place your order & please allow 5-10 business days while we order in fresh mixes for you!
  -  Hearty oatmeal muffins. Make the mix as-is, or use this mix as a perfect starting place to make your favorite flavor of muffin!
Oatmeal Pancake MixOatmeal Pancake Mix**Limited Quantity on-hand**  Place your order & please allow 5-10 business days while we order in fresh mixes for you!
 - Well, okay, what do you think?: Is the perfect buttermilk pancake improved by adding oatmeal and Debbie's white and brown sugar blend? The oatmeal will certainly increase the heartiness of this start-your-busy-day breakfast food.
Ola'a Green Tea - origin: Mountain View, HawaiiHilo Tea Garden estate tea grower Fang Sen Woo graces us with these young pan-fired leaves. Reminiscent of China's signature teas, yet unique to the tropical environs of Mountain View, Hawaii.
Original Oatmeal Biscuit Mix**Limited Quantity on-hand**  Place your order & please allow 5-10 business days while we order in fresh mixes for you!
  -  Hearty, filling version of the biscuit mix, with all the versatility of Original Recipe. Made with less sugar than the Scone Mix, of course, the Oatmeal Bisuit Mix is suited to more savory settings: dinners of soups and stews, having ingredients mixed into the batter like cheeses and herb mixes, baked plain for breakfast to serve with gravy or to drizzle with honey.
Original Oatmeal Scone MixOriginal Oatmeal Scone Mix**Limited Quantity on-hand**  Place your order & please allow 5-10 business days while we order in fresh mixes for you!
  -  Original Oatmeal Scone Mix makes a terrific breakfast scone. Mix comes with the dark brown and white sugar, you add only the usual chilled butter and buttermilk. But don't stop with breakfast. You can use Original Oatmeal Scone Mix as a base the same as Original Recipe. Make great snacks and desserts.
Original Recipe Scone MixOriginal Recipe Scone Mix**Limited Quantity on-hand**  Place your order & please allow 5-10 business days while we order in fresh mixes for you!
  -  Basic and versatile---but never plain. Use the Original Recipe Scone Mix as a base for so many varieties we can't even name them all: currants, cinnamon, blueberries, cranberries . . .   Bake as-is, topped with cinnamon sugar. Top after baked with butter or jam. Use as shortcake with in-season fruits like strawberries or peaches. Just enjoy!
Passion Fruit Black TeaThe islands seem at hand as you sip this black tea with papaya pieces, sunflower blossoms, and pineapple. (Caffeine)
Pu'erh Leaf OrganicPu'erh Leaf OrganicThe USDA Certified Organic leaf Pu'erh tea has the body and character of black tea but its the medicinal properties that are thought to be present that set it apart. In China this tasty tea has long been used as a powerful digestive aid and natural detoxifier. But even more remarkable is the suggested cholesterol lowering benefits that have been experienced by so many. (Caffeine)
Pu'erh Tuo ChaPu'erh tea compressed into little birds' nests or tuo chas. An ancient Chinese tea with a unique taste, grown in southern China's Yunnan province. Pu'erh holds up well for multiple infusions so that the same birds' nest can yield 2 or 3 cups. (Caffeine)
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