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06-June Khongea CTC-BOP Chai Assam Tea06-June Khongea CTC-BOP Chai Assam TeaKhongea produces CTC teas not to be mistaken for mundane tea bags. Fine quality second-flush tea leaves are plucked from lush green fields, then CTC-processed after they're rolled, producing an extra strong, thick and spicy tea. While CTC teas are very popular used as a base to which to add aromatic spices to produce the popular beverage we in the U.S. know as "Chai" (whereas the Indians call the leaves by themselves "chai" because that's the word for tea), this CTC Broken Orange Pekoe tea is delicious entirely on its own, without the addition of spices and herbs, albeit the addition of milk or cream (yes, with this tea you could use cream!) and sweetener would not be amiss. We received 8oz (227g) pouches, with each pouch yielding roughly 90 teacups at 14¢ per teacup. We also received 4.5oz (130g) ti
06-June Khongea Golden Tips Second Flush Assam TGFOP106-June Khongea Golden Tips Second Flush Assam TGFOP1**Not Available At This Time**
KTeas presents Glenburn's Golden Tips Assam tea from the Estate's Khongea plantation in the Assam region. The best Assam teas are harvested in the summer months of May and June: the Second Flush, and that is exactly when this full-leaf Assam tea was plucked!
08-August Glenburn Monsoon FTGFOP (Darjeeling)08-August Glenburn Monsoon FTGFOP (Darjeeling)The late summer months (July to September) grace us with the Monsoon Darjeeling direct from Glenburn Estate. Try the rich amber cup that can stand up to a dash of milk which most other Darjeelings cannot!
11-November Glenburn Autumn Crescendo (Darjeeling)**only 2 (two) 2oz pouches remaining!**
The tea bushes give forth a grand finale of the harvest season in Glenburn's Autumn Crescendo. Gentle copper glow, full-bodied, mellow, delicate and flowery bouquet yet undertones of malt, and a long finish. Autumn Crescendo carries you into the next season---and will make an excellent iced tea in the summer! 
A KTeas Signature Blend - Serenity WaltzA KTeas Signature Blend - Serenity WaltzNot Available At This Time  - 
A graceful waltz in your teacup: China black partnered with Darjeeling black accompanied by gentle fruit notes partnered with subtle bergamot.
Black Tea Black CurrantThe quintessential cuppa: delicately fruity, elegant aroma, quality black tea.
Black Tea Christmas CookiesClose your eyes and let the scent of spices in this flavored black tea take you back to childhood, eagerly waiting for the fresh-baked cookies to come out of the oven, then blissfully sip the tea! Contains nuts. (Caffeine)
Black Tea Mango Pineapple ChiliA mango pineapple chili blend that will spice up your black tea love life! (Caffeine)
Black Tea Orange SpiceEnjoy a hot cup of the almost-chai spicyness of this orange-and-spice flavored black tea on a cold winter morning. Try it iced on hot summer afternoon. (Caffeine)
Chai-spiced(OUT-OF-STOCK... look for new 2oz pouches COMING SOON) - Black tea and spices, finely ground to release maximum flavor and aroma. So richly aromatic and briskly flavorful, it makes dessert in a cup! (Caffeine)
Ginger Peach Black TeaPeachy Ceylon black tea with ginger root. Refreshing hot or iced. (Caffeine)
Glenburn Breakfast Blend Pyramid Tea Bags English BreakfastGlenburn Breakfast Blend Pyramid Tea Bags English BreakfastCelebrating both the Champagne of Teas from the Indian Himalayas in Darjeeling and the rich, malty teas from teh Assam region of India in convenient spacious pyramid-shaped sachets. 
Glenburn Pure Assam Pyramid Tea BagsGlenburn Pure Assam Pyramid Tea BagsLeaf tea from the Brahmaputra Valley in pyramid tea bags. Conveniently brings you a spicy, rich, warm golden liquor with a strong malty finish in your cup. 
1st place WTE 2014 Black Tea - Single Origin. 
Glenburn Pure Darjeeling Pyramid Tea BagsGlenburn Pure Darjeeling Pyramid Tea BagsLeaf tea from the Indian Himalayas in spacious pyramid-shaped sachets conveniently bring you a light, bright aromatic cup of the Champagne of Teas.
Glenburn Vintage Earl Grey Pyramid Tea BagsGlenburn Vintage Earl Grey Pyramid Tea BagsLeaf tea from the Assam region of India with a whiff of bergamot oil in convenient spacious pyramid-shaped sachets.
Golden Monkey organicGolden Monkey organic**Not Available at this time**
   The unique character and lingering finish is intoxicating. An exquisite USDA Certified Organic golden, black tea from southern China's Yunnan province, the beautiful, gold twisted leaves are almost as lovely to look at as to taste.Don't mistake this for lower grade teas of this type. This is a premium grade golden monkey that is not to be missed! (Caffeine) Sold in 28g tin (1 oz).
Keemun Black TeaBlack tea from Quimen in Anhui Province of China. Long recognized as a great tea of the world, it has a natural sweetness with an aroma to the dry leaf that is enhanced once steeped to produce an intensely bold cup. 
Khongea Ginger Hibiscus Assam Leaf TeaGinger.  Hibiscus.  Assam leaves from Glenburn Estate's Khongea Plantation in Brahmaputra River Valley in Assam, India. Aaaaah.
Khongea Masala Chai Assam CTC-BOP(Temporarily Out of Stock)  Smile about CTC for this Masala Chai-spiced black tea!: Top-quality Second-Flush Assam tea leaves from the Glenburn Estate's Khongea Plantation in the Brahmaputra River Valley in Assam, India go into this Cut-Tear-Curl tea blended with luscious spices the likes of ginger, black pepper, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods ... well, this melange is just lovely.
Makai Black Tea - origin: Hakalau, HawaiiEach sip warms and refreshes. Try it and see if you can distinguish notes of caramel, or barley malt, or rice syrup, or how about sweet potato. Tea growers John and Kathryn Cross want to know: Do you taste something else in this crystaline amber infusion?--Oh, and when they say you can infuse the leaves up to 4 times, you can! We've tried it ourselves, and the quality of flavor persists as well as any oolong, even though this is a black tea!
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